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Driveway up to a large home


A great designer not only knows design but also structure and engineering expertise. Our team is trained in all of these areas to ensure the structural integrity and overall quality of your project.


The process can define the experience. We understand that buying a home is not a single transaction. Building a new home is a process that includes selecting a blueprint and choosing options such as cabinets and fixtures that will make your home uniquely yours.


Lembke Construction Inc. is committed to making the home building process exceed what you expected. Our customers are encouraged to individually tailor their home—to make it their own. First select your plan, then begin working with our design specialists to adapt the floor plan and interior features to meet your needs. From extending family rooms, moving bathrooms, and selecting each and every detail inside and out, our process is what sets Lembke Construction Inc. apart from other builders in the area. 


If you already have your own design, there are many reasons to have Lembke Construction Inc. handle your building project. We will offer insights that no one else could offer. Lembke Construction Inc. will manage your project from beginning to end. You will only deal with Lembke Construction Inc. throughout the entire process.

Lembke Construction Inc.

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